What are college students doing on the internet?

May 24, 2007 7:44pm CST
Nowdays surfing on the internet has become very popular on campus. I am impressed most that many college students too much time plahying games and chatting on the internet. As is well known ,chatting and playing games can do much harm to us if we spend too much time on the virtual world . Firstly ,it is an enormous waste of time and we will have little time for our study . Secondly ,those who play games of chatting day and night will be harmed physically for lacking of rest and sleep. Thirdly , our social ties will suffer as a result of the immersion in the virtual world. The last but not the least,it will cost us much money. In my opinion ,we should deal with the internet carefully . On one hand ,we can get some pleasure and knowledge from the internet. On the other hand ,we should't spend too much time.energy and money on the internet because study is our priority.
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