Emotional blackmail

May 24, 2007 9:10pm CST
I have a sister who has a problem. She can't get out of her current relationship because her boyfriend is threatning to kill himself and do some stupid stuff. My sister is very concerned because all his family is pleading her to stay with him. She now doesn't know what to do...
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• Canada
25 May 07
This must be very hard on your sister and I am sure she is stressed very much because of this . It would be good for her to be able to talk to a professional just so she can realize that she can't live her life for someone else . He is emotionally abusing her and she will never be happy as a result of this . No one can stay with someone else out of fear of what will happen to someone else . She has to live her life for her and if her boyfriend is talking like this then he needs help and she is not equipped to be able to help him . She can't live her life for him unless this is something she wants to do . He could be using this as a ploy to get her to stay but chances are he is depressed but she will never know for sure and shouldn't remain in a relationship where she is being treated like this . She has to realize that if he were to do something that in NO WAY would it be her fault , if he is seriously considering this then that means there are bigger issues but under no circumstance is that her fault at all . I realize it is easier to tell someone to leave when they are worried about being responsible for the life of someone else but the truth is that she can't be responsible for him the only person who can be responsible for him is him and I believe that if she were able to talk to someone this would make it easier for her to understand . If he is threatening her with this now then he will soon threaten her with it every time things don't go his way and this is no kind of life for her to have to live . Best of luck !!