I just got paid over $15!! (I didn't have to spend any of my own $ to make it!)

United States
May 24, 2007 9:16pm CST
Wow, I'm so excited! I've been a member of mylot now for several months and other paid to click sites, and I've never made this much money from any of them. I made this much money with Swat Cash. Check out my profile page and scroll until you see the website highlighted in green--if you'd like to signup and make money too! The site is a little bit confusing to navigate at first, so here are some pointers. The way you make money is to complete offers. All the money I've made has been from completing FREE offers, so I haven't had to pay any money. After you signup Here's what you do to make money! 1) Go to the offers page and pick which ones you want (some are free, some aren't. Like I said, I've only done the free offers) 2) Fill out the contact info on the main page (If you don't want to put your phone number in, go to www.privatephone.com where you can register for a free phone number. Seriously do this b/c otherwise you'll get lots of telemarketers calling your personal line which is NOT cool!! I learned this the hard way) 3) Once you fill in your info, it'll make you go through pages asking you to click on any offers you're interested in. You DON'T have to click yes to any of these offers to get credit. Just say NO to each of them (unless you actually are interested in one), and when you get to the last page (it'll either say CONGRATULATIONS or simply not have any more offers) 4) Finally--THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!--go back to the Swat Cash offers page, look really closesly to see the COMPLETED button that has a blue border around it, then CLICK THAT BUTTON. If you don't do this, you won't get credit, so don't forget to go back! **HINT** I never use the same email address for any offer because there are multiple offers from the same company, and if you use the same email address, you won't get credit except for the first time. I just go to www.hotmail.com and get free new email addresses each time. Also, BE SURE TO DELETE YOUR COOKIES after each offer. Again, they can track you otherwise and you'll only get credited once. It's really easy to do. On your webpage, go to TOOLS, click INTERNET OPTIONS, under "Browsing History" click DELETE, then delete your cookies. Simple! It's really that easy. There are more ways to play games and get points that are a lot of fun, but you can figure that out. I just want to give you the basics on how to make money like I did! I hope this helps some of you out. I was really happy with how much easier it is to earn $$ faster than on any other site I've found. Good luck and hope you make lots of $$ too!!
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• Malaysia
25 May 07
I dropped by to the site and found out that they pay through paypal only. Paypal is not yet available in our country.
@jlara_gtr34 (3491)
• Philippines
25 May 07
wow, looks like that is one heck of a way to make money but i think its too comlicated. :P olz. im a bit of a basic kind of person so i dont realy have the patience to do all those stuffs that you have specified above. but i do think som people wil have the patience and determination to do what you have just done. :) good luck!