"Why is it that for some people, happiness is just a snap away?" ...

@anjoks (2084)
May 25, 2007 12:32am CST
...(sigh) I've been doing some soulsearching right now and i'm feeling so sorry for myself right now. Tough and rocky roads i've been experiencing these past years. I can say its not financially but emotionally and spiritually i'm not happy. This emotional downfall i've been feeling towards everything. My family, my career, my lovelife. . (sigh) I've been longing for that real happiness, you know what em sayin? I don't want that temporary feeling you know. I want the "real" one not the "reel". . I envy those people who are so satisfied and contented with everything they have. . I need some enlightenment here guys. .:(
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• Pakistan
25 May 07
I've seen many peoples in our industry have to deal with these problems. Maybe there are no answer but at least if we can communicate about this we can begin revealing where the problems really lie and make little improvements in the world, and overselves too then we can handle the happiness as long as we need.
@Swtrose (3399)
• Canada
25 May 07
For some it can be a long and rocky road to happiness, but the real source of happiness lies within you. It’s not about finding it, it’s about recognizing what makes you happy. My advice is to look around and you and look at all the beauty in the world. Stop dwelling on things that make you feel sad and focus on the positive.
@auLeeau (253)
• China
25 May 07
That is the nature of our human-being,cheering up and nice to optimistic to everything buddy, everything is gonna be ok!