May 25, 2007 1:05am CST
how do i know if my friend is a true friend?because i have a friend she always tell me about her secret but i dont know if she is lying to me?how can i know if she is a true freind.
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@lynboobsy11 (11345)
• Philippines
25 May 07
-she's a true friend, in a way that she helps you in your problems in life, if she can keep your secrets in life, about lying,,, hmmmm... if you see her as your true friend,, of course you trust her right?? so before you think that she is lying to you,, maybe you should ask her if she is telling the truth or not because if she is really your true friend, she will not lie in you...
• India
25 May 07
Just ask her to assist you in some wrong deed for which you will give her a share.. If she agrees to help you may be she is not a true friend of yours. A true friend will always take care that you do not get into any trouble no matter what you are going to give in return for the favour. Please don't plan to do anything like that in reality but this is just a method to scan your friend's worthiness. take care.. bye.