which players u want next season in liverpool team

May 25, 2007 1:28am CST
if u r liverpool fan u have every right to express ur thoughts about club dont cry at liverpool's loss just think about next season. so tell the players name u want to see in liverpool
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15 Jun 07
David Silva, Michael Owen, Fred.
15 Jun 07
Above I was being realistic, if I could have anyone it would be David Silva, David Villa & Thierry Henry.
@umitcicek (464)
• Turkey
8 Jun 07
In my opinion,Craig Bellamy should be sold to any of the other teams.Gerrard and Crouch should be in the team next seasons.If someone will be transferred,they should be Alonso Sobis,Diego Ribas Da Cunha and if possible Thierry Henry.I don't follow transfer news.Do you know any new transfer of Liverpool?
9 Jun 07
according to the local press the Liverpool Echo the only imminent signing is Malouda from Lyons.. he is a left sided midfielder who can get forward and DOES score goals..runmours also that Bellamy is likely to go to West Ham for about 9 million... Gerrard, Carragher, Reina, Alonso and Sissoko as well as |Finnan have all signed new contracts and Sami Hyppia will see out the last year of his contract at Anfield..
@us2owls (1681)
• United States
25 May 07
I am not a Liverpool fan but the one player I like to watch is Crouch. I think they might have done better Wednesday night if Benitez had brought him on sooner and also if Gerrard had not been played out of his usual position. The Ref. certainly was no help to Liverpool. Milans second goal was definitely questionable.
7 Jun 07
Agree about Crouch .. should have been on from the start...two strikers were essential against an ageing Milan defence... cant agree about the goals though . the first was a little lucky inasmuch as it struck inzhagi but the second goal was pure quality from Kaka..the type of quality that cost us the game...
• Singapore
15 Jun 07
I would really love to see Fernando Torres(striker), David Villa(striker) and Joaquin Sanchez(winger). The attacking game of Rafa needs strikers with class and clinical touch with their own stylish flair.Maybe Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt has to go to make way for the 2 of them. I also believe that Liverpool need another dependable winger alongside Jermaine Pennant which is Joaquin Sanchez.He is somewhat like Pennant who sends great passes that penetrates the defence of their opponent and also try to score and assist as much as possible. I think the wing and attacking part is the most essential aspect of Liverpool's game that has to be changed or rectified immediately to ensure them as one of the best in the world! And hopefully they could win the Champions League and be a constant threat for the other teams for the premiership title!!!
14 Jun 07
Ideally.... Ins: Tevez, Malouda, Alves Outs: Bellamy and Voronin (yes already) Realistically it looks like it is gonna be Benayoun and Darren Bent - no thanks....
@murciaman (441)
7 Jun 07
There is a rumour going round Merseyside that Thierry Henri is the big surprise signing for the summer..., he WAS unhappy at Arsenal last season and is a good friend of Stevie G.He has also said if he left Arsenal the premiership teasm he would want to play for would be Liverpool...apparently he has been spotted at Melwood, Liverpools training ground ..YESTERDAY.. how true this is is anyones guesss as rumours fly thick and fast.. personally id like to see him here becasue i think he has so many facets to his game.. id also like to see Michael Owen back here.. withthese tow in the squad we would certainly score some goals...
26 May 07
Well i gotta say, i hope to god Gerrard signs a new contract!! If Liverpool, loose, Gerrard, Carragher and Riise, then were screwed, they are the heart and souls of liverpool, and if there not in the squad next season, id start to consider, loosing my faith in Football, maybe take up a new sport like "CRICKET"! (I hope they dont)! lol