The Chocolate War, Do you remember reading this?

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May 25, 2007 1:54am CST
I think out of many books I read in highschool. This was one of the fun ones.. Here is some statements, made from some of my old school notes. I took during reading this book - DNatureofDTrain In the book "They Murdered him" was refering to crucifixtion of Jesus Christ. Jerry left me with the impression that he was very optimistic. People must stay on Archie's good side because he has the power to assign anyone on the Vigil to do anything he wants them to. The boys all belong to a secret organization called the Vigils, and to see vengence on the school system. The boys refer to Jerry as the bus stop as "Square boy" because he is always on time. My impression of Brother Leon was that he was a hypocritical jerk. It is important to sell chocolates as it is a fundraiser to keep the school open. We learn that Emile Janza is a bully and a boxer. Goober shows his strength through his running. Jerry feels bad on the football field because he does not say what is on his mind. Jerry means when he states he does not want to be a mirror of his father, because he wants to do more interesting things, and not have a routinely job. Goober and his assignment is to undo all of the screws in brother Eugene's room. When Jerry refuses to sell chocolates they think it is loyalty to the Vigils. Archie has power over Emile Janza, because he is the assigner, and can get anyone to do anything that he decides. The real reason Brother Leon keeps David Caroni after school is to bribe him into giving him answers about Jerry, and the Vigils. When Archie says, "Nobody defies the Vigils, Obie, and gets away with it." It means the Vigils will get together and decide a punishment, or kick them out. Brother Leon is angry and disgusted, at the accusation of not having any school spirit, to Jerry's refusal of selling chocolates. Goober quits the team feeling that trinity is evil, and he doesn't want any part of it. Brother Leon calls Archie to try to convince him to get the Vigils to sell chocolate. The Vigils pressure does not convince Jerry to sell to sell chocolates, as Jerry does not care about the Vigils, and doesn't yet realise the power they have, and he wants to do his own thing. The Vigils Beat Jerry up, and do prank phone calls.. with abusive intentions. Jerry tells Harold Darcy, he is not selling chocolates, as he wants to do his own thing. Emile Janza waits for Jerry after practice with intentions to harass him. The author describes Jerry as invisble as no one pays attention to him, and they ignore him. During the raffle Carter makes a mistake by not explaining illegal punches. Brother Jacques, turns the lights off to stop a fight, in the stadium. What do you think the title Chocolate War means? - DNatureofDTrain
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16 Dec 09
Ooh, this discussion is 3 years old. I do remember this book, to answer your question I think the title The Chocolate War means the "war" that Jerry started by refusing to sell the chocolates. So The Vigils, who want the sale to finish, do bad things to him, which is a "war." About some of your notes. . . I don't really think that "They murdered him" was referring to Jesus, it was just an expression of how Jerry got beaten so badly that it was almost like he was "murdered" but not really. "The boys refer to Jerry as the bus stop as "Square boy" because he is always on time." I think it was more than that, I think the boy called him that because he also thought that Jerry's life was so routine and boring, so it was so "square." Because he said that Jerry "was missing a lot of things in the world" meaning that Jerry wasn't really living life or having fun. He was just working and going to school every day. . . "Archie has power over Emile Janza, because he is the assigner, and can get anyone to do anything that he decides." Well, if I remember correctly, Archie pretended to take a picture while Emile was doing something very embarrassing, and he used the picture to blackmail Emile. But there was no picture, anyway, Archie was using it to scare Emile. All the other notes, I agree with
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21 Dec 07
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