@mebold (230)
May 25, 2007 6:45am CST
i am very very lonely and i need a girl, i mean a real loving girl, who can help me secure this or how can i go about it
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• India
25 May 07
You are insecure and lonely this time so you need a girl in your life. This is just to get you rid off from this problem. When your problem will be over, you will leave the girl. First you love yourself then someone will love you. Love is not like the thing, you are thinking of. You are in search of real loving girl. I ask, do you really love the girl who comes in your life ? You are a man and you must be couregeous and help others. But I am sad to know that you are so depressed, even you cannot help yourself. Be positive on everything. After few days you will start overcoming your problems. Do not remember the past much. It will give you pain only. Always look for better future for this you need to make present good.