If you would have the power to make 3 of your dream happen, what would you lask?

May 25, 2007 7:47am CST
I believe that we all are having some dreams which will remain always a dream. So at least once let be a bit childist and say eachother what we would like to have or to be or to see etc...
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• United States
25 May 07
three of my dreams ,the first dream is would like to see our troops brought home,second is be able to buy a log cabin out in the country near the mountains with man of my dreams,last for every one to be ready when God comes back to take us to live with him through all eternity.
• India
25 May 07
Wowww those are really nice dreams and i believe that you will surely realize the last two but unfortunatly i dont think that the first one would never happen but thanks for been the first to take out your dreams. God Bless u. magichef2001
@lamiaa (581)
• Egypt
26 May 07
my first wish is that the world become fair to every one . second one is we all live in peace and learn how to except the others , third , that is a day will no cheating .