Is suicide a sin that will send you to hell?

United States
May 25, 2007 10:11am CST
This is a tough one and probably one we'll debate forever. There are two views. One: You must repent of your sins. If you kill yourself (which is a sin:murder) you don't have a chance to repent of it. Therefore, you are sent to hell. Two: The whole point of being saved is to have God's grace. God does not weigh sins. If we were required to confess every sin to be saved, none of us would be saved. If you're going to get that specific, there are sins you forget about or don't even realize you're doing. How can you confess them all? Therefore, if you do kill yourself, it's up to God's grace. I'm certainly glad I don't have to be the judge. But I lean toward the second view. What are your thoughts?
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31 May 07
I dont think its a sin,you could be walking down the road and get killed,thats a sin some one taking your life for you,
@magica (3709)
• Bulgaria
27 May 07
I am not religious, i can tell from my own point of view that our life was given to us with mission. And if we refuse to accept our mission and kill ourselves, this is obligation what we will carry with us in our next reincarnation. Some call it Karma.
• Netherlands
27 May 07
Becaurse I am not a believer my thoughts are very simple. I don't belive in heaven or hell so we all end up the same. However I think that people who kill themselfs are sick. Sick in their head. Most off these people do this as a cry for help. They must have a problem which they can't coop with. I started a discussion a while ago about a father jumping in front off a train with his two little childeren. That's horrible. Taking your own live as an adult oke but taking your two kids with you is to horroble to believe. People who are wanting to kill themselfs can't be confessed in any way about heaven nor hell. The are stuggeling with themselfs not with other issues.
• United States
26 May 07
I don't believe in hell, period. I do believe that those who sin and do not have a relationship with God will ultimately sacrifice their resurrection. It isn't plausible to me, for God to damn his own children to hell, afterall he loves all of us.