How many bridesmaids do you want?

May 25, 2007 2:44pm CST
I want about seven at the moment, but I doubt the number will be this high when I get married. I want to have: 1. My little sister 2. My OH's little sister 3. My OH's cousin 4. My best friend from uni 5, 6 and 7. My three best friends from home ...I'll probably whittle this down to three, as I don't want a giant wedding party! How many bridesmaids do you want, and who will they be? x
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25 May 07
Oooh im the first one to answer this question! its a tough decision but without a second thought i will definitely have my best friend georgia,as we have made a promise to both be bridesmaids when we eventually (or if) get married.I would want no more than 3 really-but i don't know who the others would be cos i dont have enough close female friends tbh! i'm hoping i will form better friendhips with those at uni in the next year.i could mention my cousins but im not close to them either,which is a shame cos my family suck.
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11 Jun 08
In my first wedding my mother played triple duty-matron of honor, giving me away, and walking me down-mind you I didn't want any of that but there was no arguing. At my second wedding, my ,then, 10 year old daughter was my bridesmaid and gave me away. My husband also "married" her.