Organized cleaner or random cleaner

@lillake (1634)
United States
May 25, 2007 3:26pm CST
When you clean your home are you organized about it or do you just jump in anywhere? Do you have a system that you stick to? I'm a bit of both. I don't really follow a set system, but when I clean I have to be very organized about it. Like the dishes have to be washed in a certain order and the laundry has to be hung in a certain way. my partner, however, just does it however he feels. How about you? How do you clean your home?
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1 Jun 07
I just usually jump right in and do what I feel like doing at the time. I do like to do one room at a time though. Although sometimes I get sidetracked when I take something to the room it belongs to put it up. I do have my certain way I fold my laundry. I would feel lucky though with your hubby. Mine don't clean unless absolutely necessary. He's got a bad back though so I let him off the hook :)
@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
26 May 07
It all depends on where the mess is in the house that needs cleaning first LOL. I usually start with the lounge, dining and kitchen area, while at the same time putting on a load of laundry. Bedrooms and then bathrooms are left till last. I usually give the place a quick dusting, then vacuum and tidy up at the same time (pausing in between). I Like to rearrange our furniture too so that usually changes every two weeks. I also like the dishes done a certain way too and sort the laundry by colors and types. My husband does anything and everything whenever he feels like it (which is very rare LOL).
@rosycat (168)
25 May 07
I hate housework so I tend to do what I feel like doing at the time and it all seems to get done sooner or later. Ive just moved and swore I would keep my new house clean and tidy, but Ive had a new bathroom fitted, dust everywhere and Im now waiting for the kitchen to be done, so ive figured that the cleaning can wait til its all done and then I can do it all properly.
@mememama (3077)
• United States
25 May 07
I do the laundry and wash dishes at a set time of day, our water heater is a piece of crap, so I have to do that in order for there to be hot water for showers for the family. I try to tackle one room a day, but lately I've found myself randomly picking up toys, straightening things, and I cleaned the floors when my son was playing in his room (he's afraid of the mop lol). My husband does the outdoor stuff, like washing the car, mowing, weeding, etc. on the weekends. It's his time off and there's nothing on television.