Sims 2

@Azita888 (315)
United States
May 25, 2007 3:55pm CST
Does anyone play sims 2? what is the best expansion packs to get? I used to play the first sims, just started playing sims 2 yesterday and I already addicted. Please share your tips and tricks if you have them.
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@Asheka (107)
• Canada
2 Oct 07
I just bought the Sims 2 Deluze (Sims 2 & Nightlife expansion) and looove it! I've only created one family, well I created the one girl and got together with a guy from the job she worked at, and they now have a daughter. lol I do have a question though, if anyone reads this comment (will make a separate post in case) I can't seem to use the "customize" hair option. I had wanted her to have like colorful streaks or something, but nothing but the basic colors are choosable....
@Azita888 (315)
• United States
3 Oct 07
I am not sure about that, I know that if you go to the mall and go to hairdresser you might get a makeover which might give you an option of different hair styles and also if you buy a mirror dressor looking thing then you can also clik on it and get a makeover.
@silveysim (337)
• United States
11 Oct 07
Well, The best expansion pack....hmmm. I would get seasons, then university, bon voyage, nightlife, open for business, then consider getting stuff packs like H&M, Celebration,Holiday...and in that priority level...however it's usually better to go in order. But it's a hard toss up when you ask for the best expansion. I mean university contributed for business all new gameplay, lifestyle, and nightlife romance, Season-weather, interations, and bonvage fun, university, new gameplay, advancement, careers. SO. Hard toss up. My favorite...hmmm I LOVE THEM ALL!! Nightlife is essential but there's more then that to the game. lol. I would recommend seasons highly as well as university, then bonvage. EXCELLENT QUESTION!!
@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
25 May 07
I plaid it for a while, as for tips though, mmm.... I don't think I really would have any tips though, my sims always tended to get quite desperate haha :P. I sort of always used to exploit them, place many in one house and let them all work making them really stressed :P.