Have you enjoyed your high school?

@ming2x (64)
May 26, 2007 12:02am CST
Did you enjoy your high school years? Did you do good academically? made alot of friends or made new friends? had your firsts? discovered new things? learned new things? boyfriends? girlfriends? what clubs/groups/organizations have you joined in and what was your position? been nominated or elected as an officer?
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@sissy15 (7712)
• United States
28 Feb 08
I enjoyed half of HS, the first two years sucked, I liked the few friends I had that didn't stab me in the back, I mean I had a lot of friends but very few I could trust. I stopped being friends with some because I heard them talking about me behind my back, which seems to happen quite often in HS. I was in band for the first year of HS, but I hated marching band so I didn't continue the second year. I was in the Drama Club for a little while my sophmore year, but quit when I went to a vocational school for my junior and senior year, where I took Early Childhood Education, there I made many friends and did so much better academically, I was on the honor roll a lot, my senior year I kept a 4.0 GPA. When you do something you enjoy it makes going to school that much easier. I actually came to love science which was never even close to my favorite subject in school. So teachers have a lot to do with it too. When I went to my regular HS I never did that bad, well sophmore year was pretty bad, but I passed, but I also found I didn't like some of my teachers because they didn't make anything interesting, where as when I went to the vocational school they made things interesting and made it so I wanted to learn. My thing wasn't that I wasn't able to learn the stuff, it's that I didn't want to, but yeah so half of my HS years were bad then the other half was great. Although I do wish I could take back a lot, and try a little harder those first two years, but well in the end you can't, that's just the way things go.
@xquisite (156)
• United States
10 Jun 07
i didnt enjoy high school life as much...but i was one of those nerds...lol i got good grades to go to college but i didnt make life long friends. i hate looking at yearbook pictures cuz i was such a dork...but i was into art so that's what ppl knew me by. i was art club president... xquisite http://www.xquisite.us
• Philippines
8 Jun 07
Yes so much as they say high school life is really the most memorable ones.We had a lot of first.My first kiss, first cruss, and a lot of firsts.I was involved in mathematics and drama club.
@kyutstudph (1263)
• Philippines
5 Jun 07
Yes definitely I really enjoy high school. I have lots of friends, joined lots of organizations and I am good academically. I belong to one of the top students in our school and very much proud of it.
@lonely_f16 (2147)
• Philippines
26 May 07
It's really hard to be in high school. I have new friends and I discovered new things but I didn't indulge in relationships like boyfriends or what. I joined Math Club and no I wasn't elected as officer