Snail Mail?

May 26, 2007 1:45am CST
Since electronic mail (e-mail!) became popular I don't really get snail mail anymore. My relatives from other countries and I just to send letters to each other all the time but now we only email each other or chat on MSN when we used to chat on the phone using phonecards before. I kind of miss the old times though. I like getting email especially meaningful ones! But I think I like Snail Mail better cause I actually get to keep the letters! What about you? Which do you prefer?
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• Philippines
26 May 07
if you like the idea of receiving letters and keeping them for sentimental reasons, then write one to a close friend or relative with instructions in the end that you want to receive a letter in return. once you do this, some letters will be coming to you yet. expect that you will get in return what you had done for others, moreso, if you have requested for it. try it now, and see the results. you will be in for a surprise. happy letter writing and may you get results more than what you have been expecting for.