How will you deal with stupid relatives?

@maean_19 (4660)
May 26, 2007 5:02am CST
I stay with my relatives, who in the beginning are too nice to me. At present, you wanted and wish to get out of their sights. They never lend you the keys when you wnted to go out. They let you wait outside till middle of the night, though you are contacting them that you had been waiting for hours. They asked you to pay half of the current bills when in fact you are using only an electric fan and them using an aircon. They tell you that the cause of having a high current bill is because of your laptop consumption while they have their computer. You who is not even ironing your clothes while them iron their clothes everyday. Would that pissed you off? It gives you a headache right?
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@jogie_bien (1103)
• Philippines
26 May 07
maybe its better to leave them and stay alone.then to be with them that only makes your day bad.
@alpine_007 (1476)
• Pakistan
26 May 07
why are you at their house? try to ignore your stupid relatives or if they don't understand and you are to much annoyed with them, then just go ack to your home and tell them that because of your relatives you are leaving
@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
26 May 07
I will do my best to ignore them. If there is no way to live elsewhere, i will try to make the things completely clear of all of us. If they are roommates-all the bills will be strictly controled. And i will pay only for myself. I am sick and tired of people who abuse with their ties of relationship and speculate with my feelings