PUZZLE: Where did 1 dollar go?

October 23, 2006 2:16am CST
You like to buy a pair of jeans for $97, but you dont have money. You borrowed from your friends, let's say friend A and friend B, $50 each. So you have $100 and decided to buy the pants. You have $3 left, right? You paid $1 each to your friends and you have $1 left. So you only have $49 credit each to your friends. If you add that it's $98 and you have $1 dollar left. So that's $99, right? Where did $1 go? Can you explain it.
2 responses
• Australia
23 Oct 06
youre not counting the $2 you paid back too your friends (a&b)you go from subtracting too adding and forgetyting the left over you know??? thats the only way my brain will let me explain it
• Philippines
23 Oct 06
i appreciate your explanation, but that doesn't clearly explains it.
• China
23 Oct 06
the pants$97+left$1=$98 return $49x2 = $98 so there is no money left.