TAN or WHITE skinned??

May 26, 2007 7:34am CST
i like having a TAN..most esp when its SUMMER TIME!! :)
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@Phlamingho (7827)
• Denmark
26 May 07
I never go totally pale / white, but I'm not that tan during the winter. I get tan very easily so as soon as summer comes I'm nice and tan :-)
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@klystron635 (1519)
• Philippines
26 May 07
I have a typical skin color of an Asian. It is in the middle of white and black skin. Right now, I am tanned because of several swimming outings this summer. Actually I don't care whatever the color of my skin is. I just want it soft and smooth.
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@lynboobsy11 (11345)
• Philippines
26 May 07
Atually I'm already tan hehehe, my skin is fair it is a Asian skin.I don't want to change my fair skin color. Yeah it's summertime but I dont like to tan underneath the sun coz I know it may cause to harsh to our skin.Thanks
• Philippines
30 May 07
since i have a brown race, i prefer my color to be that way. i think it is more attractive having an asian color because it simply makes one stand out among others. some people have to pay a large amount just to have tan colors so i prefer mine that way. it is already natural and yet i don't have to spend anything to achieve a great skin color.
@monnaf (13)
• Bahrain
29 May 07
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@sierdij (853)
• Philippines
27 May 07
I like TAN.
@maximax8 (30099)
• United Kingdom
26 May 07
I think tanned skin is attractive. My skin is very white though and it takes staying in a hot place for more than a few weeks to get a tan. I have to wear very high factor sun cream when I am a tropical destination. Otherwise my skin will burn. I hate having sun burn. It makes my skin very sore and red. I didn't use to be aware of the dangers of the sun. When I went to Greece I got such sunburnt shoulders and they were incredibly sore at first. Then the skin began to blister. Then on another trip I arrived in Hawaii in the middle of the night. The next day I went to the beach and being so tired fell aspeep on the golden sand. My legs got serious sunburn. I had to wear trousers until they recovered. Everyone else wore shorts. Then when I lived in Australia I knew lots of people with skin cancer. This made me think about taking more care in the sun. I now wear high factor sun cream when overseas in a warm country. If hte sun is really strong I wear a sun ha. But I sometimes get a bit sunburnt on a hot day in my own country.