The existence of a supreme being termed as GOD

@calvin222 (1607)
May 26, 2007 8:51am CST
The existence of a supreme being termed as GOD is a question which has been debated since the begining of conciousness of the human race. Humans because of inherent insecurities which the complex psyche of man creates, need the support of an intagible entity on whom they can rest their fears and pin their hopes. An entity who is capable of the impossible and who can provide everlasting hope even in the most desperate and hopeless situations. When do most of us turn to God? In our hour of need? How many of us think of him when say - we are enjoying a good movie- or a delicious meal- or some pleasureable activity! It is only in times of need / desperation/ utterly hopeless situations that most of us turn to god. So can it be that God is actually the creation of some prehistoric psychologist who found a way to provide psychological support to a people who were constantly under threat of their life and the only way they could handle the fear and continue their daily existence, was to have this miraculous entity who provided support in the face of constant threat to life? Or it could be the creation of some leader of men who found this a way to take his army into certain death with the hope of a mysterious entity who would save them from certain death! who provided a RAY OF HOPE! we have many religions on earth today! and what have these people of different faith doing to each other thru the ages. killing each other? in the name of religion? but if there is a GOD is there only ONE or are there many? if one then why does he let us kill other human of different religions, who are also his creation? OR is it that actually that a separate supreme entity exists for each religion and this is a battle that they fight amongst each other and we are merely the pawns???!!! if so then this entity does not have our best intrests in mind and therefore cannot rightfully be called god the all forgiving, the all magnanimous, the fountain of wisdom and salvation? well the above is just a thought and in my desperate times i also find myself calling out to this mysterious entity seeking help and salvation and forgiveness(a lot of that) but at times i do wonder if this entity is just a figment of my imagination, a psychological stick to lean on, which provides me a ray of hope till my brain kicks in again and starts hunting for a solution to my quandry!!!! My apologies to all firm believers and fanatics but can someone please prove the existence of god
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