@MJLami (1173)
United States
May 26, 2007 9:47am CST
Have you ever had so many problems with a neighbor it forced you to move away just to stop having them? I have. I lived stalked by a neighbor who thought spreading lies, doing wrongs and keeping any good from my life was getting it in my life and house only for becoming acquainted by moving nextdoor with its homosexual partner. I was supposed to help it hide being homosexual, it believed. It introduced itself to my parents and tenants behind my back as being my best friend and me its girlfriend. It even tried to con my parents into believing it was very important to me and gain entry into my house by offering to help them unpack their car. Luckily my parents knew better and the idiot only got laughed at and sent home without ever entering my home. Have any of you known such bizarre, creepy, ugly behavior from someone that was only acquainted for being a neighbor?
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