Growing apart?

May 26, 2007 11:51am CST
Has anyone here actually sat and realized they are growing apart from one of thier friends? Today I was out with one of my best friends.We didnt have any money or anything and had nothing really to do. So we just went for a walk. Me and this particular friend have had a very difficult friendship. We have had many many arguments and alot of them have been left unclosed. And to me they still loom over our friendship. I know i should forget but i just cant. Anyway we sat down on a bench and we were just talking. Then it just made me think how different we have become. We used to be pretty much the same, just go out and enjoy a drink and just have harmless fun. But now I seem to have stayed that way. I just like going out and having a laugh I dont need alcohol and drugs for a day out to be fun. Yes i like to drink but i dont need to all the time. But my friend seems to be completely the opposite. I only really see him once a week sometimes abit more. SO when i do see him he goes on about all the drugs and stuff he's done in the week and I'm just completely uninterested. And its just the same if i talk about what i've been doing. He'd find it uninteresting. I've gone beyond trying to help him (One of the arguments which has been left open). But it just occoured to me how different we actually are these days. And it makes me wonder how long it will be before we are too far apart. So finnaly We get to my question. Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Maybe not exactly the same but have you ever just felt that you and a friend are just becoming too different?
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@yanjiaren (9050)
27 May 07
This has happened to a number of my friends, especially when I got divorced over a couple og years ago. Many of them were so called family friends, but they seemed to come more for my husband than for me. They would say they were my friend but after the divorce they changed as I realized that their friendship was one sided. They used to come to my house all the time and ask for this that and the other and in return they would tolerate me. I was very naive thinking that they were my friends, but in effect they were just using me. So when divorced, even when I saw these people again they just seemed like strangers to me.
@hdcc829 (15)
• United States
27 May 07
As you grow older you tend to grow up and mold more into the person that you are (so to speak) sometimes the people that were your best of friends become people that you just see in passing. It is hard but very few of your friends will be "lifelong" friends.
• Philippines
26 May 07
Right now, I actually feel that my college friends and I have grown apart especially when one of them has already worked and lived abroad. We almost never see each other ever since we all started working and found new friends from work. I honestly hated it and feel like they are already different people. Although we communicate sometimes through text messages, of course it isn't enough. We all seldom can find time to see each other. But of course, no matter how we've grown apart, they would always still be my friend and I will always be here if ever they need anything.