I wonder if any MyLotters are Famous People...

@hezoid (2147)
May 26, 2007 12:33pm CST
...incognito. ;-) I like to think there may be a couple of forumites who are really famous people, ones i like of course , who come on here through a love of discussions (well they probably don't need the money) and have to be incognito to protect their identities. Tis an exciting thought to have IMHO, that your fave famous person could be on here secretly reading your posts! They may know of you even though you don't know they know of you! Anyway, just a thought...
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@KATRINKA (1658)
• United States
26 May 07
It is an exciting thought, but being the skeptic, I think it's unlikely. It would be fun to imagine who could be here. Years ago, I belonged to Zoetrope, a writing workshop founded by Francis Ford Coppola. There was a rumor going around that his nephew, Nicolas Cage, had joined the workshop under an assumed name. For months, people tried to figure out who that person was. I doubt that he ever was part of the workshop. If he wanted feedback on something he was writing, he didn't need a bunch of us wannabes critiquing his work. LOL!
@Sherry12 (2475)
• United States
26 May 07
That is a neat thought. There very well could be someone famous on here. I'd never thought about it, but it could be very possible. They would probably enjoy joining in normal conversations without their celebrity status.
@adijam265 (769)
• India
26 May 07
it would really be nice to have a famous person here, hope he keeps it a secret itself, it'd be good, it would be very interesting
@Mickie30 (2631)
26 May 07
Well actually I'm Shakespeare, lol! No honestly I'm just plain me but I've just learnt that Oprah comes on here WOW! I never knew that.
@Jshean20 (14362)
• Canada
26 May 07
It'd be neat if this were true! Imagine if poor Sanjaya was on here reading about himself, of course I'm sure he's already heard everything through the media.
• Philippines
26 May 07
I think it's really cool that someone really famous like Oprah is a member here and reads our discussions and posts responses. This site could actually give her lots of ideas on topics to discuss on her show (which I love to watch!). What would be cooler is if that famous person actually gets touched by your discussion and somehow changed his/her life. Hehe!!