Agloco-Loads of Ads

@mari610 (360)
United States
May 26, 2007 12:37pm CST
I may be wrong,but is it possible that Agloco has relased their viewbar to more than just a few members? Even though I've always seen advertising for them, lately, I must get at least 4 or 5 ads a day, requesting signups. (i'm already a member)and not a happy one at that. I know that a few weeks back I received an e-mail from Marketing Pond, that one person, by the name of John Chow, had recieved the viewbar and I posted this in another discussion, adding that I didn't know why he was the only one, but now i'm starting to think maybe more members have it , becuase of all this advertising. So, I was just wondering, does anyone know of any other members of Agloco, that possibly have the viewbar? and why the majority of members have not heard about this?
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@Kythe42 (1412)
• United States
26 May 07
Well I joined Agloco a few weeks ago, I know I haven't gotten the viewbar yet. I'm getting sick of all this waiting. I having tried to promote Agloco because I feel silly promoting it if there is nothing to do on that site yet. ~Kythe42
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• Sri Lanka
2 Jun 07
Today (2 June 2007) we got the news that we were all waiting for. The Agloco viewbar will be ready for download from Monday onwards. It will not be released to everyone but will be according to the order of joining. The viewbar is still in its initial stages and it will be automatically upgraded while we use it. But it will take some time for us to start earning. They would have been spending a fortune developing it.