What kind of work would you like to do?

United States
May 26, 2007 10:04pm CST
I know that most people proably don't like their jobs and that there are some that do.What do you think would be your ideal job if you had choice.
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• Hong Kong
28 May 07
If I had a choice and start everything all over, I would probably want to be a fashion stylist or a fashion photographer, it would be so much funner than my current job and I would get to do something I really enjoy and love. But I think I will try to learn more photography and see how things go from there. I might accomplish my dreams when I am older.
@wonderful1 (2075)
• China
27 May 07
If I can choose my job in my will, I want to be a dancer. I like dancing very much. I dance in the morning and I dance in the evening with all of people who are all like dancing. Do you know dancing can make people happy? But now I don't dance at all. I leave those people who like dancing very much. When I study in a college, I have lots of friends, we all like dancing, and I feel very happy, but after graduation, we live in different cities, and we all have to do something for a living. We give up dancing. Sometimes I feel sad when I recall those dancing days.
@behari (19)
• India
27 May 07
i like each and every job which can be done from the comfort of home or you can say i like online money making.
• Philippines
27 May 07
If I were to follow my bliss, I'd probably be doing book reviews. I love reading and writing, so this would really have been a dream come true. When I was in college however, I had doubts about how well a job like that would fare financially, so I took up management instead. I didn't hate it, but I learned a lot. Then I graduated and started working for a bank, and got bored out of my wits. Now I'm in law school, and will hopefully be a lawyer in 2 years. It's a happy compromise, as I get to do a lot of reading and writing as well. It's different though, I do miss reading novels.