The best of Intentions - Nobel Peace Prize

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 26, 2007 11:00pm CST
I was told the Nobel Peace Prize is suppose to help further the peace process along. Do you believe the Nobel Peace Prize helps further along the peace process? Why or why not? - DNatureofDTrain
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• United States
27 May 07
I don't really think it helps or hurts that much I just don't think the average person pays attention to it .I think the winners would have done what they did no matter price or not and very few even know who wins the award a week after it is presented .
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
3 Jun 07
I agree with you, I do not see it really inspiring, or doing much, but we maybe wrong, some people maybe aspiring to win it someday, and for those who do I hope they suceeded in doing a good peacework. - DNatureofDTrain