Admiring ur kids ....THE WRONG WAY

@haqueen (236)
United States
May 27, 2007 6:16am CST
..i love parents who admire there kids and cherish the like diamond forever in there hands but ave seen parents like dads who real admmire their daughters more than their wife and end in incest i had a neighbour who went to jail resently for such a thing her daghter was a friend of mine real tight and she was saying the dad alway over got concern about here .we could almost think its real fatherly love but it was more than that ..later afer he forced the daughter in bed daisy .was her name she was one fly cute gals, guys cold hardly resist and she was just in her 20. ..this is wat happens when kings admmire there princess and end up handing in cut off heads on silver plates .. can parent tell us wat makes them at time amire there kid IN THE WRONG MANNER ..excludind the devil as an excuse
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