is it a easy task? raising alone..

May 27, 2007 10:30am CST
discussing about being singleparenthood.. challenging yet fulfilling and a tough job..
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• United States
27 May 07
It is not an easy task to raise kids by yourself. You have to be the Dad, Mom, teacher, disiplinarian, phychologist, etc. It is also very difficult when you receive NO FUNDS for help in raising these kids. I am a single grandparent and I am raising my 13 year old grandson. The "sperm doner" does not think he has to have a financial role in any way. Maybe young people now-a-days need to really think before they make the decision to bring little ones into the world. The babies are innocent and they have no choices. It is a tough job no matter the circumstances,(even with a partner). Hang in there, they can make you very proud someday.
• Philippines
27 May 07
you are indeed right. but life here in the philipines is so so hard. my son has slight autistic. has his special needs. and he has to continue the therapires he needed. my son could be very much proud of me but we also needed the the needs of "now" but then again, when you have faith in God, the rest will follow.. i know God has a plan for me and my kid. nice discussing tihs here.. it releases the pain.
@rosycat (168)
27 May 07
I have brought my daughter up being a single mum and she is now nearly 19. We have a wonderful relationship which I dont think we would have had if I would have stayed with her father. I have had a lot of help from my family, yes it is very hard work, but very worth the effort when I see what a strong minded, sensible, loving, well balanced adult she has become. I think I was very lucky as she never gave me any trouble, and every day I thank God that I have her.