May 27, 2007 11:49am CST
Don't you just wish that you could laugh most of the time? Even when you are drowned by problems? If we try to look at it closely, why is laughter the best medicine? Is it because you don't get to use more facial muscles? No strains in your tear ducts? Have you tried to laugh for hours? It can get pretty tiring too... My jaw hurt alot one time...
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• Philippines
28 May 07
there is a saying that laughter is the best medicine. yet, we must remember that to be laughing forever will also be making us sick. it should be wise to bear in mind that the better formula will be to laugh awhile and smile all the while. to keep on smiling will no doubt make us feel better and unload the heaviness in our heart. but if we feel like crying, down and out...let us make those tears fall and cry out loud whenever we feel the need for it. go ahead and do as you feel, it will be a healing process fit for the heart.