Since MyLot doesn't bother to respond to emails or at least mine......

@leavert65 (1018)
Puerto Rico
May 27, 2007 3:46pm CST
maybe one of you fellow myloters can answer my question. Several times now I've started a new discussion. (If you click on my picture you'll see the last one.)However, it seems like half the time it doesn't appear listed amongst the other topics. What's the deal? I'm making like a penny ever two or three days.
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@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
27 May 07
I guess you have been doing it wrong posting in the wrong section or might be some other mistake from you my dear friend as i have also posted some topics and they all come in good.And as far as earnings are concerned well you won't earn too much until you respond to the discussions by yourself and try to be very descriptive as it will only maximize your earnings and also upload pictures in your interest sections with good details.Try to get some active referrals aswell.Starting new discussions won't earn you much unless you'll be getting hundreds of responses for your started discussion.
• Pakistan
27 May 07
Well you are doing everything right, but don't know whats keeping you away or whats the mistake you been comitting ,i am doing same things and its just all good with this for me.
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