Why A Student Fails A Subject?

May 27, 2007 7:35pm CST
Back in my high school days, I would always opt to cut class than to attend my classes because of some personal reasons. I have no friends back in high school that's why I wasn't that active in class. I strongly believe that a student fails not because of he can't cope with class. There are just so many reasons why he fails a subject. I believe many are experiencing the same situation. Kindly share to us, students, why do you fail a subject? Is it because of pressure you get from your parents or something? And to guardians and parents, how can you help a student suffering from this situation?
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• India
28 May 07
The very obvious reason a student fails because they don't like that subject and hence pays no attention to it.Even if they try to concentrate if he/she doesn't like that subject,fail to carry on with i.Ultimately the result shows the outcome.
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@BrainTeaser (1430)
• Pakistan
28 May 07
Lack of attention lack of interest are the two major things that ends up a student as being a failure ,well i haven't got fail till i started my chartered accountancy and i heard that its common to get failed in this but still i do think perhaps this time being alone without someone to love or get loved by someone is a reason of getting fail as one needs especial attention from someone and others things aswell so if any component is missing one might end up being unsuccessful.
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@Gemmygirl1 (2868)
• Australia
28 May 07
Most people fail in topics for a few reasons, i guess the first would be because they have no interest in the subject so they don't pay attention or apply themselves. The other known reason for failing, especially in Math is because they get to a point where they don't understand something, yet they don't get enough help to understand it & then they fall further & further behind since the classes keep moving on & the student with the problem keeps understanding less & less. You really need to fully understand a topic in order to continue going forward with it otherwise you just get lost & once you're lost, then it's hard to catch back up.
@tsuktsak (26)
• Philippines
28 May 07
YES!! there are so many reasons.. such as, lack of interests on the subject, you don't like the instructor,.... But sometimes, we are just using these as excuses or alibi..:)
• United States
28 May 07
We are all faced with decisions in life, and the first one is always how we will react to things. You CHOOSE how you react. You don't like a subject, so you CHOOSE to not pay attention or apply yourself. Failure can not be blamed on anyone except the person failing (with the exception of those with true learning disabilities, etc).