How Did You Choose Your Wedding Venue?

May 27, 2007 8:01pm CST
As many of you know, myself and my partner are getting married next year. We HAD settled on a location at the peak of Grouse Mountain here in Vancouver, and we knew it was going to be expensive. However, I'm not so good with big crowds of people, and most of my partners family I've never met because they all live in different parts and provinces across Canada. So, after talking with my Partner, we've now changed our location and wedding party, to a party of just 28 people, on a 4 hour boat cruise around the Mountains and Islands in Vancouver. This too will suit my mother, and my partners mother, both of whom are terrified of heights. How did you choose your Wedding Venue? Did the size of your families have any bearing on where you held the Wedding? Did you go the traditional route of church followed by a sit down meal and then a DJ and dancing at night, or did you go for something a little more unusual? As for myself and my partner, we're using a wonderful lady who organizes Weddings in Vancouver for people on a budget. The package we've decided to go with is called Sea Of Love, and can be found at the link below.
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