Have you ever heard about or seen flooded roads in rainy season in London

United States
May 27, 2007 8:06pm CST
I don't know much that is why I am asking. Please tell me any bad aspects of travelling in London during rain.
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27 Jun 09
Well there isn't a rain season but the most flooding occurs in Winter and Spring. The flooding causes alot of delays on the tube and roads are closed aswell which means there is more traffic. Consequently it takes longer to get around places. Also when it rains everyone seems to be in a rush more. I hate that
@maximax8 (30105)
• United Kingdom
28 May 07
I live in the UK. When I was younger I worked I studied and later worked in London. The summer is usually warm and often quite dry. But the weather is not always like this as it can be come a dull day at anytime. Spring is the time of plants growing and young animals being born. The weather is usually mild at this time of year. It can rain quite a bit at that time of year. April is known as the month for April showers, meaaning lots of rain. Autumn is the season when leaves fall from trees, they turn rusty colours. The weather gets colder and there in often plenty of rain. The winter is often very cold and there can be lots of rain and sometimes snow. Flooding can happen when there has been too much rain. London is well protected from it. However other towns and villages in the UK can be affected. The village I lived in had a river going through it. Some years it would be totally dry. Other years it would have a normal amount of water in it. But one year it flooded. It caused damage to many homes. Spring is March to May Summer is June to August Autumn is September to November Winter is December to February
@ajjooo (8)
28 May 07
no,i haven't heard about it
• India
28 May 07
No, I have never been to London.But I can say you one thing every monsoon Calcutta has several streets flooded with water.I becomes a mess here in the monsoon.It is good to sit by the window and see cars splashing away their ways through the flooded streets but if you need to go somewhere it is kinda nightmare.