if ever you got sucked out from this earth?

@Malfred (134)
May 27, 2007 10:08pm CST
what will you do if ever you got sucked out from this earth? and accidentally notice that you're on other world the same as earth but the only difference is the surroundings you use up to live as a normal life back to earth? were there was two sun two or more moons different shoreline,coast,island everything you seen on earth is way too different to your new found world. the only similarity is the people who used to live as normal citizen acting like a normal man/woman. children who knows to play. garden we tried to clean and maintain a normal city, which you can see professional doin' there duty as policeman,doctor,etc. if you got a chance to bring two things way back to earth and to be bring to your new found one what would it be?but the bad things is all your memory's you left earth wiped out. i would bring my own my mind and my heart together with me. the ability to think, the ability to love would be useful enough. enough to build my own new world!!
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