why do they love to play DOTA?

May 28, 2007 12:27am CST
what's good about DOTA? Lots of people play this game.. what makes it interesting?
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@cheongyc (5072)
• Malaysia
31 May 07
It's a great game. After starcraft & warcraft. Infact, Dota is the upgraded version of Dota. Warcraft is more on larger scale strategy game where you need to worry about mining resource and setup buildings, attack and defence with your troops. For Dota, you just need to control the hero. But it's not as simple as I thought earlier. There are more than 100 heros to familiarize and master. Besides, combination of items with respective is very crucial too. If you can master the special skill of the Hero, you can perform well, provided your team mate are not Noob.
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• Philippines
31 May 07
lolz.. I'm a Noob with this game T_T
• Philippines
29 May 07
Its a nice game and fun way to enjoy time with your friends. Its not boring because they always come up with updates, new characters and items.
• Philippines
30 May 07
really? they also do have updates? I didn't know that.. =? I guess it's really a nice game eh..
@latsmom (824)
28 May 07
I have never heard of this game but look forward to reading the responses to find out what it is all about myself.
• Philippines
28 May 07
I see.. I don't have that much information about this game.. XD lolz.. I would say also that its about the strategy on how you can win over the other player.. They do use heroes for that.. XD
28 May 07
Because it involves Startegy, critical thinking, something to pass the time.It is an addictive game always giving thoughts in the mind and it really brings out the best thing about fantasy war... the principles of war are to be given thought when playing the game. To top it all its a great way to mingle with friends
• Philippines
28 May 07
oh i see.. strategy eh? that's really fun.. but I'm not fond of building your camp.. hehe.. XD its more of a boy game..
30 Jan 12
they play it because DOTA combines RPG elements with RTS elements making it more fun and addicting.... but DOTA also make players ruin their lives: the proof? peer pressure, money spending, cutting of classes just to finish the game and never attend the class when they are too late for class, they shout and say foul words as if there are no people on the same computer cafe, a never ending game that they continue to play just to be good, exchanging their peaceful lives just to play DOTA, they want DOTA more than talking to their parents, and they are enslaved by DOTA itself that they can't let go of the urge to play.... interesting? is it interesting to kill your own sanity just to play it? (I played before and I stopped. There is a noisy gameplay and rubbish words you can hear when you fail or missed some 'stun' sessions on an enemy!) I don't play it not because I don't like RPG and RTS games but because I don't want and don't need to end up like them!
• United States
23 Dec 10
It is a unique game. A 5v5 battle with teamwork. How many games have you heard of that pit a 5 player team against another 5 player team in a strategy game?
@Apollyon (91)
• Philippines
23 Dec 08
what makes this game fun? it's the teamplay and the unique gameplay of this map.=) and the trashtalk adds more spice in the game. you just have to love trashtalks. rock on!
@nitesh512 (153)
• Nepal
24 Sep 08
Because its fun. it has the best aspect of straetegy game yet you don't have to do the hard work like building , finding resources, and all the boring stuff. You get straight to the action. you choose a hero and make that hero powerful by buying all the items. Both the teams strat equally at the begining. As the game progress you need to have teamwork and great strategy to win the game. The more you play this game the more you become addict to this game. Once you get the hang and know how about playing this game you are engaged in it. you want to try something different with each hero and with 90 different heroes to choose from you are sure to play this game.
@gkurt08 (233)
• Philippines
9 Jan 08
It's a custom map for warcraft 3:Frozen throne. You should first install warcraft 3 then download the map to play dota. Its just about 3mb. The game is addicting because it involves strategy. You only need to control 1 hero. if you want to be good in this game, you have to learn the strengths and weaknessess of each of the 100+ heroes and strategize. The goal of each team is to destroy each others base. Browse through www.dotaportal.com to learn more about this game. You can downlaod the custom map there. There is also AI maps (Artificial intelligence) so that you can play against a computer. I recommend the version 6.43 because the AI is really good. Feels like your dealing with an actual human.
• Philippines
13 Dec 07
The one thing I know why many people got addicted with Dota is because it is a strategy game taht keeps on improving. Every now and then the version changes and every changes gave more exciting gameplay on the part of the players. It is a game that will definitely last longer if it don't have any competitors.
@ptotheb (230)
• New Zealand
22 Nov 07
Honestly I don't see why my friends spend hours and hours on cafe's playing this game. From what I've seen a bunch of warriors just run a round on a killing spree. While most of my friends are playing DotA I just hop on and play CS or half life. or maybe FIFA. anything which doesn't have repeated gameplay.
@jianhong (740)
• Singapore
20 Oct 07
I don know. I am anti dota. Not my kind of game. =)
@Acceed (33)
• Sweden
13 Aug 07
It's so fun. The strategy moments, the need to be active every second and not leave your hero out of sight, the interaction with good and bad opponents, and the feeling of owning. Or getting owned.
• Indonesia
2 Jul 07
most of human has a sense in survival. and dota is one type of vacation for many youngster to show their team work, individual skill, natural thinking... and strategy of course. the one that make this game interesting because it can level up, and whether u choose any hero each hero has + and has - so it has balancing status and ability
• Philippines
2 Jul 07
The game DOTA is really great, coz it enhance your thinking skills or shall we say your analytical thingking. In this game you made your own strategy on how to live long and be stronger enough. And besides it makes interesting because its up to you how you let your hero still up and kicking of the game... :)