why is our dental and health system dying?

@jene1985 (227)
May 28, 2007 12:54am CST
why is our dental system and health system at 3rd world standard in country australia when you are in alot of pain whether it be your body or teeth why are people made to wait anything from 2-5 years in some places just for relief from their pain. Being a pensioner myself i recently have had alot of pain with my wisdom teeth being told the local denstists wont do it because of the way they have grown and that I will need a general anethesetic to have them removed. Pensioners are left with no option but private hospitals when with that there is even a waiting time in country australia. What are those of us to do who havent got the money to pay are we just left to rot in pain?? I am still going through my battle with wisdom teeth I have constant pain everyday to the point i cant eat properly and cant work efficently at study or even household chores. My doctor has been working very hard to help but even she is at her wits end we both know if I am to stay on painkillers that it will create more problems but what choice am I left with? this is the sentence our government has given we the peoplle suffer..
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