Narriate a story which you saw recently

Who am i - This is jack chan photo from the movie who am i.
May 28, 2007 1:04am CST
I got week off so i got dvd from my friend saw the movie who am i. Even though it is old film released on 98 but there is a fablous performance by Jacky chan. He made yet another world hit on this film. In that flim he was investigation agent for Hong Kong. He went for a mission in south africa and kidnapped 4 scientist and handed over to his superior. Then there 7 friends and he went to planned accident. In that accident he forgot all the thing and his name became who am i. So of the forest people helped him to cure. He went to city and find who is he. and his supperior was the main ceriminal. The villan wanted to make a most distractive material to destroly the world and wanted to sell it for heavy amount. But jacky chan found it and handed over them to the police. There was many excelent fight scene. you can see it many no of times.
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