Food with coded expiration dates..!!!

@ArienKing (4647)
May 28, 2007 4:28am CST
Should it be illegal for foods and other perishable items to be stamped with coded expiration dates?] Once, when my friend was working at a large drug store chain, he found some snack items that had been expired for over a month. A customer would never know, though, because the date was in code. What good is 'the code like '2501239X' to the common consumer?
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@Norstar (695)
• India
28 May 07
Expiry date should always be in non-coded alpha-numeric characters. Ditto with the date of manufacturing. Whether it is in code or not should not be a concern of a consumer. Hence, it should be made mandetary to put the date of manufacturing and the date of expiry in non-coded alpha-numeric characters.