there was a news on television few days back....................................

May 28, 2007 5:51am CST
well i am from INDIA, there was a news on television few days back that a new born baby who was just born was left on the street by her mother to let him die, co incidently a stray dog saw that child who was dying alone and the dog felt pitty on him and he took the baby with him and tried to reach the hospital as soon as possible. the hospital crew was amazed to see the kindness of that stray dog and tried to save the child but it was to late by that time. the hospital crew felt very bad that a stray dog tried to save the life of the child and they were helpless. how could such a mother can leave a child to die on the street. are we humans loosing our humanity and can do such kind of act. in my opinion dogs are much more HUMAN then we people
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