May 28, 2007 5:51am CST
Can anyone help me out with this one? It's been one year since I started back smoking again... I know I know, "Why did you start mike?" Well the answer is the fact that everywhere I go people are smoking, all my friends smoke, smoking on T.V. and the list goes on. It was choice that made me go back, but ever since I started back up -I feel like a different person again (in a good way that is). I don't feel so irate, angry, mad, frustrated, upset... Is there a possible link to nicotine and depression? Does nicotine help depression? If there are any medical doctors out there to answer this for me, can you please give me your story. I would truly love to know. Thank you.
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@efreddy (250)
• Belgium
28 May 07
I don't smoke,about smoking I just know what Mark Twain said : It's very easy to stop with it because I have done it a hundred times. Another said it was just a bad habit and it's more difficult to stop with a bad habit then to stop with something else. I believe you just think you are feeling better when you smoke and just because of that perception it's very difficult to stop really,have you ever asks yourself why you should stop smoking,for what reason? Only when you stop smoking for a good reason for yourself,it should be possible (forever) because then you know why you should stop,noone wants to stop something because other person pushed them.