Is marriage forever?

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 28, 2007 6:10am CST
With all the different religions, backrounds, countries and heritages, I wanted to hear all of your thoughts on if you believed marriage was for forever or not. I personally believe marriage is meant to be for as long as it can be, but I also believe that people should not have to stay within an abusive marriage, or when they are widowed, they should not be able to remarry. - DNatureofDTrain
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@stribijev (229)
• Poland
28 May 07
The concept of "marriage" is so different in different cultures that I wouldn't dare to speak about that not in the context of religion and culture. What I am sure of is that people's feelings are the same worldwide, "love" felt by an Indian and a Mexican is to be of the same nature, but it is culture and person's world vision that directs that feeling to a certain "riverbed": marriage, civil marriage, just a couple-day romance... If a spouse abuses his/her spouse, that is an "unhappy" marriage, which proves that some people do not understand the true meaning of marriage - the decision to solve the problem of highest difficulty level: to create a family! Need a formula of a happy marriage? It's simple: you MUST not only 'love' a person, you should also KNOW THAT YOU LOVE, and find all the pluses/advantages/merits in the person and start paying attention only to them! And learn to forgive, it's not only to God to forgive, you know...
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
4 Jun 07
Yes, I agree with all you have stated above. And the cultures and contexts are many, one reason I choose this topic is I felt it would be interesting to learn from other cultural views and contexts. Thanks for sharing, - DNatureofDTrain
@indahfth (11169)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 09
everyone hopes for married life. reality there is always a bitter marriage. how we live run.