What is family to you?

Janesville, Wisconsin
May 28, 2007 6:22am CST
What I mean by this. Is your family your community? Is family one mother and one father. Is your family mutiple parents? Does it matter the gender of who is the parent or parents? What do you see or consider as a family make - up. Do you just recognize one type of family, or see many types of families? I personally see many types of families. - DNatureofDTrain
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@Giabelle (59)
• Philippines
31 May 07
I do believe that this question is subjective. For me , I grew up in the ideal set-up of a family with a mother and a father, but I also consider my friends , our friends a family. WHether it be a single parent household or a any form of community for that matter if you think they are important to you and they are your main support system and you love them then it is just right to say that they are your family:)
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
14 Jul 07
I agree it is very subjective. I was adopted when I was 6 years old, and had 5 other adopted siblings, and one biological sister who did not live with us.. Then my adopted parents had two of their own to begin with... With the foster kids coming and going I grew up with that, and that was hard... The most our household averaged was 15, I used to be the only foster child until I was about 6 that is when the others came on the scene and it was hard for my to adjust I was happy to finally have playmates my age around.. but even at this age it was all fun and nicey when parents were around but as soon as backs were turned no one wanted anything to do with eachother everyone always just.. . wanted.. to .. go home.. and missed their mom... So it is a very hard situation for any children to be in... I learned from this that family is not the blood relations we have but the relations of those who are in our heart, I found family support amongst the foster kids so often it was foster verses adopted and myself in the middle usually intermediating or upsetting both sides however you want to see it :) .. About our teen years my sisters basically estranged me, and my parents were in denial about how they were treating me and this has gone on all the way into adulthood..... This is when my friends in school were also down and found themselves the target of violant and illegal and hate group recruiters.. That is when we all got fed up and formed a gang of our own. It however was non violant, and no illegal activity was done.. and that small 12 person family.. grew into a large 275 people family... and out of all the support I have had in all my life... Never have I had a better family that the family I had at that time... 260 of them are fighting in the Wars right now.. dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.. four had passed on. It is a family that was split up and may never be reunited... But I learned through out all this.. that anyone no matter their backround religion or blood.. can become family to you, and they were the best, and someday I hope to create another family just like it.... The closest I found to it was when I hosted a chatroom, so I am working on creating a new virtual chat family... Thanks for responding :) - DNatureofDTrain