The Clod War was Ended

May 28, 2007 8:04am CST
The cold war between me and my boyfriend was ended.We enjoy the sweet love again.So I think to exchange each other's opinion is important for you and your lover,don't bury everything in your heart,just share it with the one you love! Every Jane has his June!
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• Philippines
29 May 07
i don't see any reason why there has to be a cold war running for a considerable time between two people. it is really a matter of unreasonalbe pride prevailing. it is best to iron out things of differences than simply go on a non-talking phase freely. there have been a lot of relationships which has ended because of this attitude. the relationship simply cooled off. none of both parties can explain it. they would say that they just simply stopped talking and found another love for each one of htem. i believe that no one among us will find a situation like this taking place to be desirable.