is chocolate good for your health?

May 28, 2007 9:06am CST
what do you think?
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@jianhong (740)
• Singapore
28 May 07
yummy i like chocolate. ya i think it is good for health but too much is not good.
@Jennifer21 (2476)
• United States
28 May 07
Chocolate contains flavonoids, a type of polyphenol antioxidant. Cocoa powder ranks the highest of the chocolate products, followed by dark chocolate and milk chocolate. a diet high in flavonoid-rich cocoa powder and dark chocolate have slightly higher concentrations of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Dark chocolate may lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. But even though it may have health benefits, too much is not good. There are many other foods which contain the same ingredients that are much healthier. If you would like to include more foods with high levels of antioxidants, fruits & vegetables as well as whole grains would be a better bet as they are low in calories and high in vitamins and fiber. For a sensible heart smart diet, emphasize fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fatty fish and choose skinless lean meats.
@manvik (981)
• Hungary
28 May 07
I think choclate is good if you have limit.I love chocolate.But I am not addicted to it.Two chocolates in a month is not harmful to your health.If you consume chocolate a lot then it may prove harmful to your body.Anyway too much is not healthy no matter what you eat.
• United States
28 May 07
A little bit of DARK chocolate is good.