Things that you wouldn't see everyday...

@mptamd (25)
May 28, 2007 1:22pm CST
Okay, my day started off pretty unexciting; participated in the three "S's"--sh*t, shower, and shave. Wow, a pretty common routine. At about seven o'clock in the morning, my buddy picked me up to go to work. Our job location was about an hour away from where I live, thus we had a bit of driving ahead of us. After the first 20 minute of driving, for some reason there was a news reporter standing infront of a police station (that was kind of unusual, but that is not the highlight of the morning). I'm pretty sure the news reporter was just trying to make something huge out of nothing. For instance, the reporter was probably making a cop who caught a kid with a baggy of pot sound like some international drug raid. You know how it is with the news. Anyways, the highlight of the morning occurred at exactly 7:55 a.m. At an intersection, there was a family of geese that was crossing the road. There was about 13 of them. The funny thing was they were crossing the road where you should be crossing the road, in between those guidelines that are painted on the ground. The cherry on top of this occurrence was when the walk symbol turned into the stopping hand symbol. The second that happened, it seemed like the geese knew what the symbols ment because they started to run to clear the intersection. Who said bird were stupid? That is something you wouldn't see everyday. What is something that you have seen that was really unusual?
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@toe_ster (771)
• United States
28 May 07
That is too funny. I can't think of anything right yet, but that story reminds me of something. There is a duck crossing sign by my kids school. And my kids always wonder and ask why because there is no water around and we have yet to see any ducks. Just wanted to throw that out there. Iwill get back to you whn I can thin of an unusual story.