Funny Travel Stories

United States
May 29, 2007 12:46am CST
I thought it would be fun to share some funny things that happened to you while you were traveling. Whether you were in car, on a boat or a plane...or walking! I don't care lol. Heres one, I'll share another one later whenI ge more responses! Me and my sister were sitting together on a plane. I think my dad was more towards the back...well...I'm a very uneasy flier, everything scares me lol. Well, we were getting ready to land...and apparently when landing gear goes down it makes a noise. I did not know that! lol. Me and my sisters seats were right above the landing gear, and when it when down I about had a heart attack! I was like "what was that! oh my gosh"...etc. lol. After my sister told me it was the landing gear people around us were laughing =P A guy behind me got a big kick out of it and was laughin really hard! I was embarrassed...but now it's funny!
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@archer1811 (1098)
• Philippines
29 May 07
Hi lilyofthethorns! at least you made people around happy, isnt it? hahaha.. dont so worry about that charge it to your experience and on the next time you will ride a plane you have already an idea about that.. and you learn from your mistakes.. even if you get embarassed..
@AnythngArt (3303)
• United States
29 May 07
Back when I was in my 20s, I was backpacking around Europe with two friends. We used to try and take transportation overnight so we didn't have to pay for hotel rooms (traveling on the cheap). We took a train one night and had to switch in the middle of the night in Germany. The train men working on the tracks started making fun of us because we were all sleepy and out of it, and they started teasing us in German. Of course, we didn't know German or have a clue what they were saying. They were laughing and rubbing their eyes (immitating us half-asleep). Crazy, but memorable.
• United States
29 May 07
how sad! lol. That's not very nice of them to make fun of you guys! =P It sucks being sleepy! lol. Okay I have the ultimate embarrassment here! I forgot how old I was...maybe between 9-12?? Well anyways, I forgot where we were, but we were walking around this old western town and I saw a cage chained to the ground. I was curious and didnt tell anyone I was going to go look at it. I went arond the front of it and looked inside. It was a skunk! And it sprayed me! LOL. I am laughing so hard typing this right now. I had to go back to our hotel and have a vinegar bath! That was the most embarrassing thing...especially since my brother was yelling at people that "his sister got sprayed by a skunk" on our way back to the car! lol I dare anyone to top that! ;P