You are Married, And you know you are being flirted, How do you handle it?

May 29, 2007 6:20am CST
Do guys handle it differently from ladies? How do married guys react to flirting? Do they run away? Or stay and enjoy it? Some men tend to forget they are married when they are being flirted. But Im impressed to those who opted to stay away on the first sign of it. Undeniably, it is a temptation. But husbands, be reminded that you are not the only ones being flirted, there are young guys who like to flirt with wives, especially when they are gorgeous. I sometimes wonder why there were really guys, younger than me, who show interest in me, though I already told them im married and I dont wanna play around. If I am a crazy wife, I can play around like a few I know. But sorry, Im different. I cannot afford to put my good relationship with my husband to risk in any manner, so, can you?
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