lets all pray for the safe return of......

May 29, 2007 7:15am CST
Let all pray for the safe return of Madeleine, Oh my god day 26th and they still aint found that poor little girl. What do you think has happend to her? Do you think she will be found alive? i really hope she is safe. my heart goes out to her family.
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9 Jun 07
I hope so.. I don't like how her parents are leaving the other kids though. I probably shouldn't say this but they need them, I'm sure they know something wrong and they need to reassured. Hopefully the phone call with give the game up and bring her back. ~Joey
9 Jun 07
Hi there. Yes your right the other kids i forgot about them to be honest with you but yes they must know whats going on,with it being all over the news and they must miss there mum and dad also sister. we can only hope that she is safe and will be let to go home soon. Thanks for your reply