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May 29, 2007 8:37am CST
i feel its an awesome movie . very remarkably picturised . applause
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• Philippines
29 May 07
Its a very informative and good movie. Its more like a movie that gives you an idea what the world do for diamonds. Of course! Just being aware of "conflict free" concept doesn't help the children in Africa being killing machines. Its sad but true.
• India
2 Jun 07
My fav movie!!...moeover the movie is based on whats really happening in africa..fats which are difficult to collect!..and awesome acting by leanardo :)
• Philippines
1 Jul 07
Leonardo had a very thick Native African accent. It was so amazing how he pulled it off. My favorite line from the movie was, "I'd like to get kissed before I get f**** aye." That was totally hilarious.
28 Oct 08
yeah amazing film, never get bored watching it over and over again..Really shows everybody what the conflicts and the diamond trade are really like in sierra leone and the neighbouring countries. Really is quite a deep film as well
@chym1101 (169)
• China
5 Oct 07
hello, madhucolombo. Maybe i am too late, you have talked about it yet. But I really have much to say. To tell the truth, I want to see the handsome leonard at first, but I am shocked by the file itself. Finishing it, I draw two conclusions: first, I will never buy a diamond--it has been my great dream for a long time-- who knows if there are lives involved in the diamond?! second, we are much happier than the persons live in Africa, no matter how poor and unlucky we think about ourselves we don't have to face such things as wars, killness, family broken... at least! God must have forgotten them! The poor people! Leonard acted well in the film and as one mentioned that his African English sounds so well. He is not the young gug saying' you jump i jump' on the titanic any more, and more matrue! Support him for ever!
• Australia
19 Jul 07
I thought it was an excellent movie. It was very interesting and informative about the whole issue of conflict diamonds and their influence on the world. It had a lot of plot, but enough action for me.