Lucid Dreams

@Bionicman (3964)
Czech Republic
May 29, 2007 12:26pm CST
Have you ever had a lucid dream? I had one yesterday again after a long time. It's always interesting. When you have a lucid dream do you just "watch" or try to control it? I always try to control it. In my last dream I cold fly so I flied above the city and I visited many places in world I always want to see. It was just a dream but it was still great. Share your experiences with lucid dreaming.
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• United States
31 May 07
I always try to control my dreams. Heck...even one time during a dream I said "I can do whatever ever I want...I control this dream!" hahah
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@Bionicman (3964)
• Czech Republic
31 May 07
control is good:)
• Kottayam, India
31 May 07
Control your dream,poor dreamers.Be active and find suitable source to express your dreams practically.