Family Problem

October 23, 2006 6:54am CST
..i wanna share with you all about my family ... My family consist of 8 people , My father , mother,my wife ,my son a as*hole(brother) ,his wife , a maid and me ...Main cause of problem is by him and his wife , they always demand a lot of things for example tonight food not enough but in the end there are so many leftover ... If my parents never met their demand , they will make a nusiance out of it ...For example my parents car , in the end they drive more than my parents and they only seldom pay the petrol fuel and nothing else for the car ... somemore they are working and his wife pays is monthly $4k plus ...I had always tell my parents to get even with that as*hole after all he is big enough, but they always say he is their son , their flesh ...Sometime i really think i am being taken for granted from my parents ...for example cooking of food , they ask the maid to cook so little food for the 5 of us compared to having dinner with them ...I really feel taken for granted just that i dont complain a lot of things ...I am really worried about my son because that as*hole wife hate him due to dropping her baby few months ago ...What am i going to do ? .... Anyway anyone wanna share their family problem feel free to share
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@dio123 (1790)
• India
13 Nov 07
your story looks like mine, I am also suffering a lot only because my as* hole (brother) is complening my stay in my parents home now I am planing of leaving it though I am the elder one and has more power still it is better to live my life in peace in some other place
@paintwet (165)
• China
7 Oct 07
it seems every family is just like although they are in different country.
@noriko (1254)
5 Oct 07
wow you sure got a lot of load there. why not get your own pad where you can stay with your wife and son. me and my hubby are renting our own apartment. we have more room to breath and we can do what ever we like with nobody bullying us to do this and that. as of now i have no family problems though my in laws are not in favor of me being the wife of my hubby but they dont cost any trouble at all.
@wickedB (77)
• Philippines
2 Jan 07
if you feel disgrace when you're at leave! live with your own.Just let them know that you can stand and live alone..besides, you got your son with you. just have a separate home with them.